Step Into The Future of Gaming

Equipped with state-of-the-art VR headsets and controllers, you’ll be fully immersed in a thrilling new world.

Our VR arena is perfect for gamers of all skill levels, aged 7 and up. Whether you’re a seasoned VR enthusiast or trying virtual reality for the first time, our friendly staff will be there to guide you every step of the way. 

With space for up to 6 players at a time, you can team up with friends and family or go head-to-head in exhilarating multiplayer battles.!

VR Arena Games

With an extensive range of virtual reality experiences to choose from, there’s something for everyone at Knightly’s VR Arena. Dive into heart-pounding action in adrenaline-pumping shooter games, unravel mysteries in mind-bending puzzle adventures, or explore enchanted realms in fantasy epics.

Knightly's VR Arena Arrow Song Game


Can you bring peace to the fairy realm?

Orcs, goblins spiders, and a menacing dragon are out to destroy the sacred tree! You and your band of heroes have been called upon to stop this evil and bring peace to the fairy realm. A dangerous mission that might overwhelm even the most seasoned adventurer.

Dead Ahead virtual reality game image for Knightly's Amusements


Do you have what it takes to survive the apocalypse?

The apocalypse is here! You and your friends make a last stand to defend against the undead. You get 30 seconds to prepare your defences & pick your weapons before the zombies attack. Each wave the zombies become faster and the pressure builds up. Do you have what it takes to survive the apocalypse?

cops vs robbers game at Knightly's vr arena


Stop the robbery, or join it!

The vault has been broken open, a robbery is on it’s way. Join the fray as either Cop or a Robber and shoot it out on the inside of a bank. Have a firefight with full freedom of movements in this location based VR shooter.

Knightly's vr arena cyber shock game


A fast-paced futuristic shooter

You and your squad of heroic digital warriors try to eradicate the virus that has taken over your system. A fast paced futuristic shooter with dynamic gameplay elements. Dodge lasers, bullets, firewalls, all this whilst trying to destroy the enemy with your dual wielded laser guns.

quantum arena virtual reality game at Knightly's Amusements


A fast-paced futuristic shooter

Challenge your friends in an intense futuristic tournament! Team-up or fight in a free-for-all battle for the highest score. Beware as players are not the only danger to look out for!


An escape room quest

You've got a puzzle to solve, are you ready for the mission?! Work together to find the clues and get the train back up and running - before it's too late!

Cook'd Up game at Knightly's VR Arena


Let's get cooking!

A brilliantly hilarious family favourite! You've got tons of hungry customers, how can you physically flip enough burgers to feed them all?! Assign tasks and work together to make the increasingly difficult recipes before your customers start shouting!

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